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How to Survive and Be Safe in a Long-Time Flood?

Floods are a common and natural hazard. The safety tips will help you prepare before, during and after the flood and ensure that you suffer minimal damage. Quick Navigation What to Know about Flood?DefinitionCausesTypesEffectsWorst Floods in HistorySurviving Guide for A Long-Time FloodPrepare for FloodDuring FloodAfter Flood What to Know about Flood?DefinitionA flood is a natural […]

6 Ways to Be Safe When an Unexpected Landslide Occurs

Landslides have been known to be major tragic incidents that can cause deaths. This article serves to provide some of the important facts and information about landslides. Quick Navigation What is a landslide?Causes of landslideEffects of landslideSome signs of incoming landslide6 ways to be safe in an unexpected landslideConclusion What is a landslide?A landslide occurs […]