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Common Errors That Can Happen with Your Camera System

Looking to protect and secure your home easily? In 2015, for instance, a property crime happened every 3.9 seconds in the U.S. In spite of this, only 17% of U.S households have a camera system installed.

The right camera system can help manage the threats of burglars and thieves.

Yet, with the many security cameras that can be found on the market today, it can be very overwhelming to choose one. As an intelligent buyer, make sure that the camera system is ideally suited for your unique needs - and you could do it easily by avoiding some common errors.

Camera system

Common Errors and How to Fix It

Below are some of the common errors and the best ways to fix them!

  • The Camera System is Not Used perfectly to Capture Images: Lots of users admit that they make poor choices. They do not spend their time entirely in doing their studies and research. All that they basically do is get a camera system for their businesses or homes without specifying the different cameras.

    In addition to that, they do not consider the camera system storage space. Once the DVR’s storage space is already full, it will then start to record things up. If you have not checked it consistently, you might potentially lose all those essential pictures.

    The usual error faced by users is that they locate the camera incorrectly. You need to fully remember that there are cameras that provide a wide-angle view and there are those that provide close-up detail. Thus, you need to keep in mind the usual error of locating the camera system at the wrong place.

  • Wrong Cables are Usually Used to Wire the Camera System: Almost all us would want to have a good camera system. You might even be willing to pay for the system. But, you usually forget to obtain high-quality cables so that you can wire the camera system. The thing is that poor quality and unstable cables can also bring a lot of issues like rolling lines, image interference and loss of images. This is also particularly true when you make use of an infrared camera.

    The common error is that you make use of the wrong cables. It just ends you up in getting poor and unclear images. That is why you need to utilize only quality cables for your camera system.

  •  DVR Not Having Enough Inputs: If the DVR of your camera system does not have enough inputs, it might bring issues when storing and capturing essential images. A correctly installed camera system must feature a DVR with all its inputs. This will cater to the number of cameras in your security system. It will help if you install a DVR and also its extra camera input. This will help you if you add up cameras should you decide to add cameras in the near future.

  • Use of the Wrong Camera Sets: You must always remember the fact that a camera system consists of various camera types. They all work uniquely for multiple applications. Indoor cameras and outdoor cameras are also very different from each other. They also need to be fully set up in various methods to get the best images. The cameras also feature night-view modes. This is why you must use the right camera to capture the right images. It will help if you also consider a varifocal camera if you alter the focal distance right after installation.

  •  Inadequate Storage Space on DVR: One of the common errors that you will notice with a camera system, it happens if there is not enough space when recording, expect that the DVR will overwrite the older data. You will lose important images and data.

    You need to have adequate space in the system. You must also set the recording and put it precisely in motion than just constant recording.

  • Inadequate Number of Cameras: While you may have all the quality cameras which work perfectly, if there are no cameras placed around, it wouldn't cover the entire area.

    Even if you have all the cameras but still have not pointed them out at the right angles, they will do you no good. They need to be located at the main exit or entry points of your business or home.

    If you have no cameras around, you will not capture the images needed.

    You will not be able to catch the thieves and burglars. Other than the exits and entries, you need to put your camera system in the driveway, the staircases, the garage and external surroundings.

The Top Tips When Using Camera Systems

Camera system

Since a camera system is an indispensable requirement in the present society, you need to understand how to use it perfectly.

There is a need to consider a few vital usage tips so that your system lasts for a lifetime.

Choose a Semi-Annual Inspection: Your outdoor and indoor security camera might potentially show signs of corrosion. Never allow these signals to go unnoticed. You need to scrutinize the camera system twice a year. You must replace the parts that do not function well.

Clean the Camera System: Cleanliness is key. This is why you need to keep it free from dregs and dust.

Always check the camera lenses: You must check the camera lenses for foreign particles, water, and dust. Always remember that the camera lenses are an essential part of the system.

The Cameras Need to be Safe: Never allow your cameras to be exposed to water or excessive dirt. You need to cover them up with an encasing or a small shed.


When you buy or make use of a camera system, you must always evaluate your needs. It will also be essential if you identify and analyze the present problems. You need to find ways to be able to resolve and fix these errors. It will also help if you take the initiative in learning more about the camera system. And more importantly, you should consider some specific tips on how to use a camera system for it to last for an extended period.  


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